HERE IT IS!!! 10 years ago, we had no clue about Grandma's light up Christmas tree that all our customers would tell us about. We contacted our supplier, stocked up on light up trees and they flew off our shelfs. Truth is, they take up alot of valuable space in our kilns during our holiday season, and when we offered our discounted Christmas Tree sale last October, it sold out in 2 weeks. This was a win win for everyone. This year we are bringing back the Christmas Tree sale, with a little holiday magic this Fall. All trees are very easy to glaze with our Magic Glass Green Glaze and come complete with light kit and bulbs.


Our Largest Tree:17" H(with base) x12"w is $150.00 (normally $250)

Our Medium & Most Popular Tree:14" H(with base) x9.5"w is $80.00 (noramally $130)

Our Smallest Tree: 9.5"H(with base) x6.5"W is $50 (normally $85.00)

Light Up Wreath: 7.5"W x8" H is $50 (normally $85)

Light Up Cactus: 8"H x 7.5 W is $65 (normally $100)


And the NEW LIGHT UP VINTAGE PICK UP TRUCK Headlights and tree light up! (12" L x 5.75" H) $70 (normally $120)


We have don't have many in stock, but if you pre-pay by 10/24/2020 to we can guarantee your tree, wreath or truck for our 11/21 and 11/22  events!

Kids can attend but this is NOT A DROP OFF EVENT. :)

11/21 & 11/22 Vintage Holiday Tree Light ups and more!

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