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  • Do I need an appointment to paint pottery?
    No Appointment necessary! Pottery Painting is always available during our regular store hours. Just walk in, choose your shape, and our staff will give you easy tips and tricks to make your masterpiece a beauty! We also have extended store hours during school vacation and summer recess.
  • Is painting pottery hard to do?
    Not at all! No talent required. Some artists will be meticulous with designing their pottery, while others will make beautiful masterpieces simply by using some masking tape and sponges. All you have to do is apply three layers of glaze and you are done!! Our funwriters, (squeeze bottles) make great dots, squiggles and personalization only need one application of glaze. Ask any of our staff for some easy and helpful tips to a a successful piece.
  • How old do you have to be to paint your own pottery?
    You're never too young or too old to have fun creating at Earth Arts. Our first customer was a two year old and her mom. She came back many times that year, and mom would just add the child's name and give them out as holiday gifts. We do know some children will paint quicker then their older siblings or parents. Please don't hesitate to ask our staff for some coloring paper or legos for your child, while the adults finish their projects.
  • How long til I get my pieces back?
    Pottery pieces are usually ready for pick up in 10-14 days. A lot of times, it's faster than that. We fire all your pottery at Earth Arts. Each piece has to be dipped in a clear overglaze, dried and then placed in our kilns. It takes approximately 18 hours for our kilns to heat up to propper temperature then cool down. You can ask our associates for a rush charge if you are in a hurry, which bumps you to the front of the queue.
  • How much does it cost?
    All you pay is for the piece you choose to paint. No additional sitting or studio fees. The majority of our pottery prices are in the $20-$30 range. Some of our bigger and detailed pieces cost a bit more and we have a few figurines and plaques that cost less. We have something for everyone's budget.
  • Do the paints stain?
    Our pottery glazes do not stain, and wash out very easily. They are non toxic and are food safe once they have been fired in our kiln. Although we only recommend gentle hand washing, no dishwashers or microwaves please. It is a piece of art :)
  • How will I know my pottery is ready?
    We take your phone number and match it up with a photo of your piece in our computer system. When all your pottery comes out of the kiln we call you for pick up. You can always call us to check on your status, or just to say hi!
  • Can I come in after hours with friends?
    Absolutely! Check out our Adult outings and parties, as well as our birthday party options for a variety of creative things to do together. We do appreciate 2 weeks notice for private outings and events, which helps us make sure you have the right inventory for your night of fun.
  • Do you offer birthday parties?
    We love to party! We have many choices for kids and adults on our party page. We also offer special events for team building, holiday parties, bachelorettes, and bridal showers. We love to customize a canvases, glass or just about anything for our customers. Just ask!
  • What kind of art classes do you offer?
    We currently offer children art classes, summer art camps, kids night out, adult nights out, adult mosaics and clay, tween and teen art classes and a Saturday story time for ages 8 and below. More information can be found on our art classes page. We do offer private lessons in many of our specialties. If you don't see it, ask, we can customize a class for you to.
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